Is the Single-Family Rental Market ‘Viable’?

The consensus among the many panelists over the two-hour Property Acquisition Lab is that the SFR market is here to stay despite some naysayers who still don’t believe the market can survive despite so many companies experiencing widespread success in the SFR space.

Single-family homes can help address the affordable rental-housing crisis

Traditionally, single-family rentals were owned by small mom-and-pop investors. But in the last four years, institutional investors have entered the space. Once upon a time, multifamily developers would look at anyone proposing to manage a portfolio of scattered single-family rentals as if they had two heads. But new investors have shown that by using proper […]

Years After the Real Estate Crash, Renters Are Still on the Rise

Perhaps most surprising, single-family renting—initially perceived by many as a temporary solution for families who lost their homes due to foreclosure—continued to rise in popularity. The number of single-family rental households grew by 2.1% from 2013 to 2014, compared with 1.8% growth for households occupying multifamily rentals and virtually no growth in single-family ownership households.

Investors snapping up new homes for rentals

It was widely deemed a temporary play: Large-scale investors buying thousands of discounted foreclosed properties during the worst of the housing crash and turning them into single-family rentals. When home prices recovered, they would surely sell them for a hefty profit. The housing market is recovering, albeit more slowly than expected. Foreclosure volume is way […]

Why renting is a growth opportunity for years to come

Hardly a week goes by without another study or poll on what millennials will — or won’t — do when it comes to housing. Last year, the prevailing wisdom seemed to be that millennials were into sharing, not owning. This year, if you listen to Fannie Mae and the National Association of Realtors, millennials want […]