Vox: Wall Street isn’t to blame for the chaotic housing market

The boogeyman isn’t who you want it to be. By Jerusalem Demsas The fundamentals of low supply of houses, low mortgage rates, and the entry of millions of millennials into the housing market armed with higher personal savings help explain most of why the housing market has careened out of control over the past year. […]

Demand for Single-Family Rentals Driven by Americans on the Move

Washington, D.C. (June 8, 2021) – Throughout the COVID pandemic, Americans have looked to housing as a way to shelter from uncertainty while adjusting to new realities of working and schooling from home. For many, those realities brought a new urgency to the search for housing that led to a widespread acceleration in migration patterns […]

Keeping Family Housing Affordable and Great Neighborhoods Accessible Data Show Markets Served by Large Rental Home Companies Have Higher and Faster-Growing Rates of Homeownership – A Win for Housing

Washington, D.C. (June 2, 2021) – New data released by the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) show markets served by large single-family rental home companies have rates of homeownership that are higher than markets where companies do not have a presence. Further, over the most recent five-year period, rates of homeownership in markets served by […]