Guest Post: FirstKey Homes’ Martín Esteverena Looks Back on SFR’s Evolution

As the National Rental Home Council celebrates its four-year anniversary this week, we are taking a look back at where things were when the NRHC launched in March 2014. In this post, FirstKey Homes CEO Martín Esteverena weighs in on how the industry has changed since 2014 and what he sees on the horizon.

How were you involved with the NRHC when it launched, and how has that evolved over the past four years?

The NRHC was founded on the idea that member companies could learn from each other. Working together, we can deliver a better value and experience to our customers. Still today, FirstKey Homes is dedicated to improving the quality of living for renters across America.

What’s changed in the industry that you didn’t expect in 2014?

I’ve been impressed by the significant community support for our companies. NRHC members have led new investments in cities nationwide which has resulted in good housing options for renters and thousands of new jobs. I hear from our colleagues and partners daily about the positive impact we’re making.

What are you most excited to see in the next four years?

I’m most excited to see the NRHC help companies improve our offering to renters. FirstKey Homes is committed to being a good partner to our renters and to the communities we serve. I am excited to unlock new ways to deliver value to our customers and to give them peace of mind.

Martin Esteverena is CEO of FrstKey Homes, LLC, an investment and operating company that acquires, renovates, and manages single-family rental homes. Our company’s mission—to improve the quality of living for renters across America—demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class service and partnering with the communities we serve. Learn more at