HousingWire: Reaching Renters — Helping renters access the American Dream

The beginning of September marks the kickoff of the second annual National Month for Renters. NRHC executive director Diane Tomb has authored a piece published in the September issue of HousingWire Magazine about how renting is compatible with the American Dream. Diane writes in the piece:

This September, as we recognize the second annual National Renters Month, it is time that we talk about treating renters as we have treated homeowners for years. At the National Rental Home Council, we believe that all renters deserve the same opportunities that homeowners have, regardless of why they rent.

Renters have different reasons for why they rent – they want to live in a good home, in a safe neighborhood, with strong schools for their kids, they want to be close to their job, or, they want the flexibility to move, often not offered by homeownership – but, perhaps most critically, they want and deserve the freedom to choose the housing option that is right for them. The NRHC is committed to a more inclusive vision of the American Dream, one that offers promise to all Americans, not just those who own their homes.

We hope you’ll join us all September long in talking about the opportunities and challenges of renting in America and how we can work together to build a housing market that works for all Americans.