NRHC Launches New Website Promoting Build-for-Rent Housing

NRHC Launches New Website Promoting Build-for-Rent Housing
Informs consumers, policymakers and media about benefits of growing sector

Washington, D.C. (July 13, 2021) – The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) unveiled today the first comprehensive website dedicated exclusively to sharing information about build-for-rent housing: At a time when new home ‘for sale’ construction has not kept pace with the demand for housing, the build-for-rent sector is providing Americans with quality, affordable single-family homes in desirable communities. The website serves as an educational resource for potential residents, builders and property owners, policymakers and local officials, members of the media, business partners, and other interested parties about this growing, vital part of the housing market.

“Our primary motivation in creating is to educate housing consumers and decision-makers about the many benefits the Build-for-Rent sector has to offer,” said NRHC executive director David Howard. “By providing local communities with a greater range of options, Build-for-Rent developments serve as an innovative and affordable solution to the supply challenges impacting today’s housing market. Our interest in developing this new site is to enhance the transparency and accessibility of Build-for-Rent housing.” 

Consisting of new single-family homes built for the purpose of renting, build-for-rent developments are a fast-growing segment of the housing market. The pandemic has changed what Americans are looking for in a home, and the build-for-rent sector – and the single-family rental home industry at-large – is creating healthy, thriving communities that appeal to residents from a rich assortment of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Families, young adults and retirees are all attracted to the best-in-class lifestyle offered at a manageable price-point. Build-for-rent housing construction also contributes to the local economy with each new home adding, on average, nearly three new jobs and contributing $130,000 in tax revenue.

To learn more about build-for-rent housing and how it reflects the vibrancy, excitement and opportunity found in today’s most dynamic and growing markets, visit


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