Renters Make Great Neighbors

NRHC members are critical partners in helping restore neighborhoods, renovate blighted homes, stimulate local economies and spur job creation locally. However, critics have recently used misperceptions about renter demographics to suggest that renters don’t make good neighbors.

We want to set the record straight.

While in the past renters may have largely been young, single and transient, a growing percentage of today’s single-family home renters are simply families who – for any number of reasons – may not want or be able to purchase a home today. In fact, seven out of ten renters still strive to one day achieve the American Dream of homeownership – they’re just taking a different path in getting there.


Other analyses have found the same thing: the demographics of single-family home renters are changing. John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that the typical single-family rental household consists of two adults with one or two children and pets, and makes decisions about location primarily based on proximity to good schools.

Our residents are good neighbors and upstanding members of the community, helping to build stable neighborhoods. In the Testimonials section of our website, we’ve heard from residents who are active participants in their communities: they send their children to local schools, are involved in their HOAs, coach Little League and volunteer with local civic organizations and projects.

For more on shifts in renting vs. owning in the U.S. housing market, take a look at this article: The housing bust turned more renters and homeowners into neighbors (Washington Post).