Renter's Rights

The NRHC firmly believes in the importance of fostering public policies that incentivize homeownership and offer Americans access and the opportunity to purchase a home. But we also recognize that homeownership is not the right option for everyone at every point in their lives.

  • The NRHC believes all Americans should be supported by policies that provide access to quality housing, no matter where they are on the continuum of renting or owning.

Renters deserve the same commitment from policymakers that homeowners are afforded: improved access and choice, and the opportunity to reside in a high-quality home.

  • We encourage our residents to be good citizens and active, involved members of their community. Their presence in neighborhoods should never be marginalized.
  • Single-family rental homes are not a bet against homeownership. Rather, they are an important piece of a vibrant housing market and, for many, are a stepping stone to homeownership.

Federal Policy

Liquidity & GSE Reform

NRHC supports legislation and initiatives that provide liquidity to support both homeownership and rental housing. As Congress and the Administration advance housing finance reform, it is important that policymakers continue to allow the housing GSEs to support the single-family rental market and engage institutional single-family rental operators to meet the nation’s housing needs.

Tax Reform

NRHC is supportive of reforming the outdated U.S. tax code, which would boost the American economy. The housing market is a cornerstone of the American economy, and tax reform efforts should look to make the sector even stronger going forward.

NRHC is supportive of efforts to lower business tax rates and allow for immediate, 100 percent expensing. NRHC is concerned that some proposals—such as limits on the deductibility of interest expenses—could have an adverse impact on the single-family rental industry.

State Advocacy

NRHC works on behalf of members and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that support the single-family rental market in key markets and states, particularly on issues that may impact the availability of SFR properties for consumers.

Our advocacy has centered around efforts such as:

  • Expanding access to affordable single-family rental units
  • Preventing harmful rent control policies from being established that undermine rental choices for consumers
  • Educating state and local officials about the importance and benefits of the professionalized single-family rental market