Membership Information

Please visit the Membership Page to review the membership options and for the membership application. Owner Operators can join as an Associate Member and Vendors can join as an Advisory Member or a Local Affiliate Member.

As part of your membership with the local chapter, you are able to join a local committee including the following:  

  • Finance Committee 
  • Legal Committee 
  • Member Engagement Committee 
  • Operations Committee 

Email with any questions.

North Carolina Chapter

Who We Are
The North Carolina Rental Home Council (NCRHC) is proud to serve as the leading non-profit trade association for the single-family rental (SFR) home industry in the state. The NCRHC represents owners and owner-operators, builders, vendors, and service providers of single-family rentals who support jobs throughout local communities and the SFR industry at large.


What We Do
The NCRHC works on behalf of members and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that support the single-family rental market, particularly on issues that may impact the availability of SFR properties for residents. NCRHC also serves its members with industry-specific educational and social opportunities, business benefits and recruiting tools, and other services not currently available at the local level for those in the SFR industry.


NCRHC Primary Objectives

  • Providing a forum for industry networking and the exchange of information
  • Acting as a resource for owners and operators
  • Working with local elected officials on legislation that impacts the industry
  • Actively listening, learning, and sharing information and data with the communities in which we operate


Our Impact
The NCRHC and its members support efforts to strengthen neighborhoods by meeting an important need in today’s growing rental housing market.

As more North Carolinians choose to rent, our members are providing and servicing high-quality homes in safe, desirable neighborhoods, offering access to good schools and a suburban lifestyle that might otherwise be out of reach. The Single-Family Rental Industry…

  • Advances the latest technology in the industry to better serve residents
  • Supports efforts to expand opportunities for homeownership
  • Partners with builders and vendors to support local jobs and investment
  • Regularly invests in homes to provide energy-efficient retrofits and in-home upgrades, promoting sustainable living and increasing property value
  • Devotes significant resources to supporting local neighborhoods and being responsible community partners