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Did you know single-family rental homes account for over half of the rental housing in the United States individuals and small businesses own over 90% of America’s single-family rental homes?

When the industry was challenged with recent, unprecedented government intervention in the rental housing market – eviction moratoria, rent controls and rent freezes, rental assistance, zoning restrictions, adjustments to property taxes – no one was fighting to protect your investment or your rights as a property owner.

It’s time for single-family rental homeowners to be heard.

Individual property owners and small businesses are the backbone of the single-family rental home industry, providing quality, affordable housing for tens of millions of Americans in markets across the country. But perhaps at no time in the dynamic history of the rental housing business have property owners faced so many challenges, from increased government oversight and regulation to heightened ownership and operating complexities.

“NRHC understands rental home property owners are many things – homeowners, investors, property managers, tax payers, community leaders, builders – and we’re here to fight for you.”

– David Howard, Executive Director, NRHC

NRHC is representing and protecting your interests, and making sure the voice of the single-family rental home industry is heard – in Washington, D.C., state capitals, and local jurisdictions. And with an active media outreach effort, NRHC is shaping the way the single-family rental home industry is viewed by the many stakeholders who impact our business: legislators, elected officials, residents, housing advocates, and influential leaders in local communities.

If you are an individual or small business owner with 25 or fewer single-family rental home properties, join NRHC today and be a part of the only national organization representing your interests as a rental home property owner!

Why Does Membership Matter?

Industry Advocacy

NRHC provides members with breaking news and analysis concerning legislative and regulatory developments as they happen, delivering members actionable insights into the political issues impacting the rental housing market, and explaining in concise language what those issues mean for individual property owners.

Best Practices

Members have access to NRHC-produced reports on the state of the SFR industry and the overall housing market. Complimentary webinars and exclusive events led by industry experts provide members with an insider’s view of the ownership and operating issues most relevant for you.

Market Intelligence

NRHC provides useful market data and research from authoritative industry sources so members can better understand what’s happening in the rental housing industry, from both a national and local perspective. NRHC routinely provides exclusive and proprietary member survey data that provides relevant insight for single-family rental homeowners unavailable anywhere else.

Member Offerings

  • NRHC Newsletter – two issues per month
  • Receive NRHC’s News Alerts when Industry News Breaks
  • Corporate Discounts for NRHC Individual Members
  • Lease Documents – Coming soon

A Quick Glimpse at Recent NRHC Accomplishments

Protecting Property Owners from HOA Restrictions: In 2020 and 2021 NRHC led efforts to pass laws in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee to prevent homeowner associations from restricting the rights of property owners to rent their homes.

Helping Property Owners Receive Rental Assistance Funds: NRHC produced the ‘Property Owners’ Guide to Rental Assistance’ to provide single-family rental home owners with a “how-to” roadmap for navigating the complexities of the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance program.

Assessing the Needs of Property Owners: NRHC surveyed individual property owners to assess the impacts of the CDC eviction moratorium. Click here to find out what owners are saying.