The next big thing in SFR: Lending to landlords

Tighter regulation and higher risk aversion — both to actual risk and to headline risk — in the world of mainstream lending mean that despite the opportunity available with SFR investors, traditional lenders have by and large not jumped on this opportunity. That leaves these nontraditional national lenders a bigger share of the pie in … Continued

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Single-Family Home Rental: A Sign of the Economic Times

The American Dream of the single-family homeowner—nuclear family, a mortgage, and maybe a white picket fence—is being turned on its head by two consequences of the Great Recession: lack of demand for home purchases and a glut of unoccupied single-family houses. On the demand side are former homeowners who are unable or unwilling to return … Continued

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Is the Single-Family Rental Market ‘Viable’?

The consensus among the many panelists over the two-hour Property Acquisition Lab is that the SFR market is here to stay despite some naysayers who still don’t believe the market can survive despite so many companies experiencing widespread success in the SFR space.

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